Treating Infertility Naturally by Addressing the Causes

Treating infertility naturally is the most effective way of not only getting pregnant and carrying the baby to full term, it is also the best way to deal with the cause of the infertility in the first place. Let’s look at your probably cause of infertility, first.

The west in general has a very low level of health. Look at the growing numbers of hospitals and doctor group practices. Look at the number of pharmacies popping up every where. How many people do you know who are not on any medication?

First, the medication is trying to address a health issue. Second, the medication may be contributing to your further health problems.

Let’s look at the cause of many health issues.

Does the typical western diet of fast food, take away food, processed food, sugar, artificial sweeteners, high fat content, high salt content, colours, preservatives, packaged and stale food, soft drinks, high alcohol sound healthy to you?

How can your immune system work when it is not given the right fuel. Do you expect your car to run on poor quality fuel? So why do you expect your body to?

Most westerns want a band aid for their health problems, rather than taking responsibility for their actions. Medication, drugs and vaccines all work by lowering your immune system. So here we have two major contributing reasons for a very low immune system.

If your immune system is very low, the last thing your body is capable of is carrying the extra burden of a child. It can barely keep you going, let alone two of your. Priority is always given to your health first.

Sex and pregnancy become luxuries your body can’t afford.

So in looking for an efficient way of treating infertility, you need to look at your immune system and bringing that up to an optimum level where your body could carry a child, without damaging your health.

Treating infertility naturally needs to be two pronged. The first prong is for you to take responsibility for your way of life and to put some healthy changes into place. Permanently.

The second prong is to seek out a good homeopath, who will be able to raise your immune system quickly, by addressing any past problems that may be blocking your way forward.

You must allow time for these measure to take effect. Don’t expect an overnight success, although this can happen.