Reverse Osmosis Water Filtering Systems – A Major Risk to Health and Wealth

Regardless of where you get your water from, it will never be pure. Natural water is home to a variety of different bacteria and contaminants, which pose a threat to health. Treated water which is commonly derived from the water tap is better, although not perfect as it replaces one set of problems with another.

In order to kill the bacteria present in natural water, tap water is treated with a deadly array of chemicals and cleaning agents in order to destroy and neutralise any unwelcome guests in the water. However, the problem is that the water then contains all these different chemicals and whilst these are only small trace amounts, the potential risk they pose to our health in the long term makes for sobering reading indeed.

In a bid to further filter and purify our water, a great deal of research has been devoted to devising new and effective forms of water purification with one of the most undoubtedly controversial methods of doing so being reverse osmosis water filtering systems.

Reverse osmosis whilst heralded as the saviour of water purity when it was first developed in the late 60’s, has suffered an almighty fall from grace, although given the number which are sold each year to the average consumer, you would not believe it.

The reverse osmosis filtering system has been on the receiving end of many a damning and scathing attack on its effectiveness, with criticism fiercely levelled at its wastage and expensive costs.

More than being a white elephant, reverse osmosis water filtering systems have also been condemned for the significant risk they pose to health.

When these systems were first developed, the original intention was that they would filter tap water and thus be able to provide 100% pure water, free from the harmful chemicals found in tap water. Instead, not only did the reverse osmosis water filtering systems fail to do this, but they also managed to filter out the minerals such as calcium and potassium found in tap water.

This made the water more acidic which meant that in order to compensate for the acidity of the water, the body would leech these minerals from the bones and teeth of the body. Even more concerning, are the studies that have indicated the higher levels of acidity within the body and their relationship to the development of cancer.

Water purification is a vital and essential part of our daily life, given that we need water to survive and be in good health. As can be plainly seen, reverse osmosis is a dangerous technology which causes more harm than good.

When choosing a potential water system, make sure that you choose a system which actually removes the various pollutants, to an acceptable level. If you want to be in good health, don’t buy a reverse osmosis water dispenser!

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