Love Energy – The Forgiveness Factor And Treating Mental Illness

At first, I did not appreciate the magnitude of forgiveness of sins, reasoning that I have been a good person and have not done much that I considered wrong. On the scale of the average individual, that might be true; but when we add up all the negative thoughts, the bitterness, resentment, and non-forgiveness some of which is deeply embedded and present since very early childhood and we add up all the desires, self-aggrandizements, lustful thoughts, and greed, we begin to see that possibly very few of us ever move beyond the break even point for a positive net outflow of love energy.

Christians believe that with salvation, all is forgiven and forgotten. When we consider the sum total of all bitter, revengeful, spiteful, non-forgiving thoughts (negative energy outward), combined with all ego needs, desires, selfishness (energy we direct back to the self) over the course of an entire lifetime, that’s quite a promise.

While the laws of physics, described above, seem easy to understand (once revealed), and while they are confirmed repeatedly throughout Scriptures, seldom are they recognized or applied in the field of mental health.

Treating patients through the understanding of love can cure both depression and anxiety. A person who achieves total love can neither be depressed nor anxious.

I use a multidimensional approach to the treatment of depression, but the one factor I never lose sight of is the direction of flow of love energy. I always point out when the problem is primarily the patient’s need, desire, or lack of forgiveness. This same enhancement of love energy is very valuable in treating psychosis because psychosis relates to a partial return to infancy with all the needs of the infant. When a person becomes predominantly loving, this is movement away from the needs of infancy and movement back into adult mind/brain/reality.

This also holds true for the addictions. At an addictions’ unit, a counselor voiced the opinion that it is very important to show the patients that the counselor really cares about them. He was corrected and told it is much more important that he get the patients to care about him and to do something for him. He then recognized that he himself had overcome his own addiction when he began helping others with theirs.

Enhancement of love energy should be a part of every physical remedy because it is a vital ingredient to healing. If persons are angry or hateful, they will not heal as quickly or as well. There are numerous studies that demonstrate the enhancement of the immune system with love energy or prayer, but these studies are just touching the surface or catching a tiny aspect of this energy. A thorough understanding of the laws of physics, which govern this energy, is important because it enables us to identify the direction of flow of this energy and reverse it at will if it is flowing in the wrong direction.