Dog Treats and Your Dog

Dog treats are among the most gratifying items you will be able to provide for your dog. They’re oftentimes an alternative item that we like to give our pets for a good training session, when they’ve behaved well, or even as something they receive special for the day. Treats are developed to provide your dog with additional vitamins, minerals, and nutrients to live a long and healthy life.

To know which are best for your pet, ask yourself what your reason for giving them is , how often you will offer up the treat, how healthy your dog is, the flavors your dog enjoys eating, and perhaps even consider the size of his/her mouth and what his chewing abilities are. Remember as well that puppies have smaller and softer teeth and that senior dogs often have more sensitive teeth, so for both these groups of dogs, softer dog treats are more pertinent.

Treats are nutritionally formulated for health and longevity. Our four legged friends all love wholesome treats and chews.

We suggest that treats be kept in an air tight container to secure freshness especially when preservatives are not used. Dog Treats should only be a moderate portion of your dog’s diet, about 10 Percent. Overfeeding can lead to obesity and additional health related consequences. As with any treat, use your best judgment in the number you give your dog each day.

Pet treats are just an added way of showing your pet how much they mean to you and by employing a high quality one you are also maintaining your pet’s good health. It’s fun to be able to treat your pet and not worry about weight gain or allergies.

Make sure the treats are appetizing to the dog. Dried out, tasteless and crumbly dog treats will not motivate nearly as much exuberance in training as a juicy piece of meat or sharp scented cheese. The regular use of this edible treat keeps the pet healthy and his oral hygiene in perfect state.

If given the choice would you rather feed your dog healthy snack or something that is possibly harmful to their health. Treat your dog to a healthy gourmet snack with an irresistible taste.

All in all, dogs love healthy dog treats and you love feeling good about giving fresh, wholesome treats to your dog. Every dog deserves a healthy treat.

There are some that are hard and chewy, for the express purpose of cleaning a dog’s teeth. Some are designed to aid in digestion and internal health. Many are organic and all are made only of wholesome nutritious ingredients. Therefore you can be reassured you are providing your pet with a healthy snack.

Dog treats are a perfect way to help develop a strong, trusting bond between yourself and your dog. They are an important tool for training, rewarding, and bonding with your dog. When they’re used correctly they can be quite beneficial to your dog.