Cherry Juice – Health Benefits

Ever heard of the saying “the cherry on top”? Turns out the little red cherry is a real health treat as far as benefits are concerned. Recent studies have shown that including a small bowl or a handful of cherries as part of your daily food intake have done wonders for people’s diets. A control group which was given cherries to eat every day for 2 weeks against a test group which wasn’t given the cherries and when general health tests were done levels of vitamins and minerals in the control group were much higher than the test group. These studies were performed across a wide demographic of age and gender and the results were similar.

Cherries are filled with the goodness of minerals and vitamins and good soluble fiber which does wonders for digestion. The vitamins and minerals keep all the deficiencies at bay and the high water content in the cherries makes it a perfect low calorie snack! And the pigments in the skin of the cherries are antioxidants which do wonders for those suffering from any joint pains such as arthritis or gout since they lower uric acid levels.

The cherries are also perfect for prevention of skin damage from the sun’s harmful rays and give a healthy glow to one skin. They are rich in anthocyanins which have shown to be effective against a few forms of cancer as well. Further studies are being performed to confirm the extent of its effect.

So stock up on these nature’s little wonders! Whether you eat the dried cherries, the fresh ones-the sweet ones or the sour cherries-the black cherry or the red cherry-you are bound to be benefitted from its goodness! Pour yourself a glass of cherry juice or nibble on a few during breakfast the more you have the better your health.