Skinny People Think They Are Immune to Health and Nutrition Problems

The most common mistake skinny people make is the belief that they can eat anything, and it will not affect them. The truth is that skinny people who think they are immune to health problems and weight gain are only kidding themselves. Like everyone else who consumes the wrong foods too often, skinny people will be damaging their internals until eventually it will start to give them grief.

The misconception that weight gain is the only factor of poor eating habits is very wrong. In order to maintain a healthy life, and more importantly a healthy future, it is imperative that we are all aware of what is entering our bodies, and whether it is actually food, or toxic food and only ‘so called food’. Real foods are living plants, fruit and vegetables and meats, basically anything that is not processed or changed. There are basic differences between plants and meats; plants give life and healing properties, and meats only sustain. The more fruit and vegetables you consume, and in the correct order and combination, the more ‘energy and life-force’, and ‘healing properties’ your body receives. On the other hand, the more meat you consume, you are only being ‘sustained’ and do not get the total nutrients and chemical compositions in order to regenerate and heal your body throughout life, although this is another topic.

Thin built people do not notice any weight gain, and therefore falsely think they can gorge themselves on anything and in any quantity they like. Their insides would tell a different story. The more junk food you consume, the ‘dirtier the internal house’ becomes, and the more opportunity and breeding grounds for bacteria, viruses and other unwanted guests. If you are a thin person who eats what you want and miss out on the essential vegetables in the right quantities and combination, then you will be susceptible to sickness more easily. The body is like a store house. Keep it clean and feed it the correct foods that are meant for the body, and the pests, sicknesses and viruses will simple pass through and not take hold. On the other had if it is full of junk, toxic food and processed foods that do not digest correctly and clog up the arteries and veins, then you are providing a safe haven for the sickness to stay and multiply.

In summary, thin built, skinny, underweight, lean, wiry and even normal people need to watch diet and intake of foods just as any overweight person. The fact of the matter is that our internal organs and health is unseen and therefore probably harder to correctly look after. Any abuse of food will eventually rear its ugly head and as the saying goes, you reap what you sow, even if you are a skinny framed person.

Weight control and nutrient intake is vital for the longevity and ongoing overall health. Treat your body as though you are about to run a marathon, feed it the correct food on an ongoing basis. If you need to ‘pollute’ your body with sweets and processed foods, then make it very occasional. Get the balance right and avoid the health problems later in life.